Blogger Spotlight

I recently let slip in the office that whenever I find a few moments to myself it is normally spent… blogging. No sooner had I confessed they insisted on having a look. Before I sent a link to them I had a quick proof read of the recent posts to ensure there wasn’t anything too embarrassing. It’s there for anyone to see anyway so thought it would be fine. Once they started perusing everything seemed to click such as why I’m always taking pictures or making sure I get details correct and my willingness to try everything that’s in the area. Then they came across pictures of my bras and my self described ‘pert’ bottom!

That’s when I started sweating profusely. It was extremely nerve-wracking but I’d survived. So I continued and outed myself to family friends which in turn ended in a trade. So here are my latest go-to blogs. You know you’ve found a good blog when you can’t click on ‘older posts’ enough.

‘cos I Like Making Stuff

A fabulous blog on everything you need to know about crafting by an expert in the field who organises her own craft nights. If that wasn’t enough, we are also kept up-to-date with the latest Bollywood news and events.


Tea with digestives

A relatively new blog but there are already a couple of great ideas to check out by a very talented designer. Click on the t shirt below to see the full range of Rara Avis products available to buy.



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