Gluten-free Vegan Pesto Pasta

I am still on my detox and I really needed a treat. Something comforting yet rewarding. A big bowl of pasta disappoints no-one. Luckily I managed to find this great range of gluten free organic noodle/pasta called king soba at a nearby manor pharmacy. This is also where I found the silken tofu for my dairy free breakfast bars. They’re not easy to find but check your local independent pharmacy or you could try other types of gluten free pasta from holland and barrett.

pumpkin, ginger, rice noodles

Vegan pesto is much the same as regular pesto just with the parmesan left out. It’s really quick and easy to make at home. Put a bunch of basil leaves, stems and all into a bowl (or a food processor or mortar) with a handful of pine nuts and a clove or two of garlic then blend, bash, pestle or press on the processor adding enough olive oil to form a gloopy paste. I added a few olives to replace the saltiness of the parmesan. And yes they were from a can but I prefer them. So sue me!

deconstructed pesto

olives pesto pasta


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