Loseley Park

I mentioned Loseley Park to a couple of people to see what they thought of this place before I went to visit. The response I got from 100% of the people surveyed was, and I quote, “Aren’t they the ice cream people?”. Well with that kind of review how could I not go. And people, you are correct they do make ice cream!! How have I not heard of them?!

loseley ice creamLoseley Park

I visited the park during the Spring Garden Fair so I only got to see the garden but it was a gorgeous one. There was a wedding in the house when I visited which means the inside must be as gorgeous as the outside. Both are open to the general public from 1 May. If you do visit you must take time to sit by the moat. A peaceful beautiful blue corner of the grounds. A perfect place to enjoy a small tub of ice cream.

loseley park garden loseley park moat

close up growing wall stairs to loseley garden aquamarine water loseley park loseley park stream moat at loseley park loseley park spring fair


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