Isle of Wight

As I was driving around the Hampshire and Surrey border I saw a road sign. Portsmouth 39 miles and I realised I was closer to the seaside than my London home. So at the end of the weekend with a little bit of sunshine left I ventured to Portsmouth plus a little bit further to the Isle of Wight.

My car on the ferry

sea and my car

my car on the ferry

The ferry journey took 40 minutes so we had a bit of time to watch the other boats sail by and plan our spontaneous trip.

yacht my sister on a ferry portsmouth skyline

We decided on visiting the Needles and took the chairlift down to the coast.

chairlift chairlift high above the ground

We also took a boat trip to take a closer look at the Needles. lighthouse

the needles

This lump of stone looks like it’s giving the fingerswearing

The last building on the island before the stretch of needles has now been turned into a tea room. Would love to have gone there but time was limited. IMAG1672

We also managed to catch a glass blowing demonstration which was fascinating. Really recommend it. With all the white hot ovens it was a perfect place to warm up too. I was desperate to fill a glass ornament with coloured sand and managed to do that too. I was so excited about it I forgot to take any pictures.

We also planned to visit Osborne House and the Garlic Farm but we ran out of time. We did consider staying the night but obligations the next day meant we took a stroll along another stretch of coast with chip shop chips and ice cream and even bumped into a celebrity before heading back for our ferry.

Hopefully when the weather’s better I’ll be returning.


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