Dressing Room

I went home to London again last weekend. It’s not because I don’t like my flat in Surrey. Just the opposite. I love the spacious yet cosy bedroom with the vast cupboard and drawer space but it just can’t compare to the dressing room I have at my mum’s house.

dressing room

I don’t care what they say about built-in wardrobes, I love them. I have a cupboard for my coats and jackets, a cupboard for handbags, a cupboard for off season clothing, a shelf for jumpers, a few more for shoes and an extra long rail for everything else. I’ve also stuck on hooks so I can put together outfits with ease. Over the door hooks were a great addition too.

built in wardrobes

parasol decoration

I have a separate chest of drawers for my vast collection of underwear. Yes I’m a bit of a tart!

underwear collection

And I’ve strategically positioned all my jewellery near the bedroom door so I don’t forget to accessorise on my way out.  Sunglasses, necklaces and scarves.jewellery table

You may notice the Louboutins at the bottom there. Those were my sister’s beautiful as they are they’re also terrible for walking in.  I couldn’t let her get rid of them so I bought them off her solely for ornamental reasons. leopard print louboutins

I had to move the dressing table to the bedroom so that I could make room for my latest birthday present. It matches better with my monochrome bedroom anyway.

dressing table

And here is my latest pressie, my dressmaker’s doll. Again hats and stoles are positioned near the door for last minute accessorising.

dressmakers doll


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