Where’s the (D-I-) Y

I have moved on from the monochrome look albeit onto something even less adventurous. All black. However I love the 60s; the Beatles and the fashion and this is my workwear nod to it.

I am wearing my YSL pinstripe skirt (I’m calling it YSL as it still had the Y when I bought it), my zara neoprene jumper (altered by my own fair hands, see below) and my ferragammo python skin steel heels.

whole workwear 60s outfit

neoprene jumper 60s workwear look closeup 60s workwear

neoprene jumper YSL pinstripe skirt ferragammo steel heels my face

The zara jumper originally looked like this…

neoprene zara jumper long

I altered it to make it look like this….

neoprene zara jumper short

by sticking in velcro, the type that has a sticky back. First I folded under the excess jumper and made sure it wasn’t too long or too short.

folded over hem

Once I was happy that the correct amount of jumper was tucked under for the right length, I stuck in velcro in little pieces all the way round. Not taking in the side seams gives the jumper a more 60s sihouette. Perfect and couldn’t be simpler.

shortened with velcro

sticky velcro



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