Bengali Dahl

I am on a Spring Clean Detox. No dairy, no meat, no gluten and no sugar. That’s why I sought out my mum’s recipe for dahl. There are many reasons to love dahl. It’s a warming bowl of lentils that’s more filling than soup, low in fat, a good source of protein and even quenches my thirst. So if you want to try something this weekend that’s even quicker than ordering an Indian takeaway. For 2 people you’ll need:

  • 1 cup of lentils
  • 1 onion
  • 2 cloves of garlic
  • 1 tsp turmeric
  • Chilli flakes or birds eye chilli

Wash the lentils till the water runs clear to remove most of the starch.

cup of lentils

Place the washed lentils in a saucepan with 5 cups of water. Slice the onion and place in the saucepan with the lentils and add salt and pepper.

saucepan with water and onion and lentils boil lentils with onion

Bring to the boil skimming the foam off the top as it heats up.  skim the foam

Once it has boiled, lower the heat, add the turmeric….

teaspoon of turmeric

… and add chilli flakes to taste. I used a heaped teaspoon. Or pierce a birds eye chilli and add to the pot.chilli flakes

Then simmer with the lid on until cooked.making dahl

To test whether it’s cooked squeeze a grain between two fingers. If it’s easy to squeeze all the way through it’s done. It should take around 10-15 minutes of simmering. For an even more healthy version you can add vegetables to the dahl, such as spinach, courgettes etc, for the last 5 minutes.

Finishing touch: Fry chopped onions in a little oil till golden brownfry onions

Add 2 cloves of sliced garlic to the onions and fry for a couple more minutes. garlic

golden onions and garlic

Then add this mix to the cooked dahl and serve with rice.


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