Lamborghini Macchiato Bar

Over the Easter weekend I managed to meet up with a London friend and squeeze in a little bit of shopping. After picking up a new pair of cowboy boots that I’ve been wanting for a while I thought I deserved a quick little drink. We stopped off at the Tonino Lamborghini Macchiato Bar.

Nearly everyone sitting down was Italian which surely must mean that this must be the place for the perfetto espresso. They also have a fantastic range of sweet nibbles such as honey cake and mini croissants to dip into your bitter coffee. They also sell everything you need for your coffee: percolators, cups and saucers and of course coffee. Although I bought amaretto flavoured hot chocolate for my  hot chocolate collection.

tonino lamborghini tissues

canoli and biscuits

tea and milk lamborghini double insulated cup hot chocolate lamborghini tissues

Neither of us had a coffee so we missed out on these cups and saucers cup and saucer lamborghini cup and saucer

tonino lamborghini amaretto hot chocolate hot chocolate cupboard


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