Virginia Water

For my sister’s visit last weekend I had planned to take her to Windsor Great Park in the hope of a horse and carriage ride. She was not impressed! Too too embarrassing! So in order to make our visit to the park more enticing we visited the Ascot farmer’s market and grabbed a few delicacies for a pastry laden brunch a short drive away at Virginia Water.

virginia water swans

We looked for a warm sunny spot and headed around the water. The cascade was in the shade in the morning and therefore too chilly.

The cascade close up cascade

So we kept walking till we found The Ruins.

the ruins at windsor great park More ruins roman ruins The ruins

Definitely a sunny spot for a french onion tart. I even got the chance to put on my wayfarers. french onion tart

After lunch we went in search of our morning cuppa which we found around afternoon tea time.

Afternoon tea savill garden

Broken heart cake

That was just the first round. I went back for another big mug of tea each and a giant meringue to eat with the leftover clotted cream. Not sure if we ate or walked more on our day in the park. I must now be good for the rest of the month!!!


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