The Oracle says

After our hearty lunch my sister and I decided to shop off the burgers with a spree around The Oracle complex in Reading. I bought everything I touched in Topshop which included several cropped tops both knitted and jersey. I also saw a great POP art pencil skirt in the last chance to buy rail but alas it wasn’t my size so have probably missed out on that one altogether. Darn shame as I love, love, love pop art. I can’t be too annoyed since I returned everything I bought the following week. Sticking to my shopping motto ‘Only buy things you love and can’t get out of your head’, which reminds me of a certain leather jacket that I hope is still hanging on the rail in Belstaff. Plus I always feel I can find topshop items elsewhere for less.

Another thing I couldn’t get out of my head was this freebie offer…Lovers Cup

Get not just one but two ceramic travel cups with any purchase of Carolina Herrera 212 bigger than 30ml. I’ve seen it available in House of Fraser and Debenhams.

A good several hours later having worked up a thirst we stopped into Brown’s for a cup of something hot. Browns ReadingNot being a big drinker I love seeing mocktails on the menu so along with a couple of mugfuls of tea I ordered a Diamond Fizz. I really enjoyed stopping off here for a drink and we ended up staying a while gossiping, dunking biscuits in our tea and giggling about the Mother’s day cards we saw. I couldn’t buy the “You’ve done an amazing job Mum, look how great I turned out” card and plumped for this one instead. wiping my bum

Does anyone else’s mum go on about how she wiped your bottom? Mine often reminds me of that fact. Is it a mum thing.. or an asian mum thing or just my mum thing?


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