Handmade Burger Company

I’ve been quiet for far too long but I do have a few things to tell you. Where do I start (if the title hasn’t given it away)…. well the reason I’ve been so quiet is because my sister visited. I had planned a fun-packed weekend for her which focused on eating. I know how to please my big sis!

i moo you

handmade burger co reading

I took her on a drive to Reading for a lunch of burgers by the river. Burgers can be a contentious issue between us as I’m a steadfast GBK fan whereas my sister is a Byron fan. And here I was throwing a third into the mix. What really excited me about this place is they have stuffed burgers and I was desperate to try them.

stuffed burger

What sets the handmade burger company apart is that they make their burgers to order so you can tailor it to exactly how you like it. They use sour dough buns from a long line of bakers and their beef is fully traceable which is why I think the place was very busy with the recent horsemeat chaos and also why we had to wait ages for our order to arrive. Thankfully they had refillable soft drinks to pass the time.

sour dough breadwaiting for burger

I went for the cheddar and chilli stuffed burger and although it didn’t look as stuffed as I was expecting it was still very juicy and went down a treat.

My sister can never wait long enough for me to take the shot
My sister can never wait long enough for me to take the shot

inside stuffed burger close up stuffed burger

peri peri chips

The burger was slightly mishapen which I took as sign that the burger was indeed handmade. The chips were delicious too, especially with the blue cheese dip. My sister went for the Jimmy burger and was impressed with the flavour and the dribbly juicy-ness of it but not the size.

Jimmy burger

We didn’t struggle at all in finishing our meals and both wondered whether we should order a third burger to share. If we were in any other burger establishment we’d usually be completely stuffed by now. I’m still putting this in as a London challenger as I haven’t come across stuffed burgers on menus in the capital.

empty bowls

Oh well at least the loo doors distracted us long enough not to turn us into greedy little pigs.

ladies men's loo door


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