Why I do declare Brownies

I recently went to see Django Unchained at the cinema and although this may be a weird thing to take away from a Tarantino movie, there was one thing that stuck in my mind …(spoiler alert) …. a whiiiiite cake that Calvin Candie/Leo Di Caprio insisted his dinner guests partake in. He may be a deplorable man but that’s the kind of southern hospitality I admire.

I wanted me some of that cake so looked up white cake recipes as soon as I got home. I learnt that it’s an American thing that doesn’t really translate in the UK. I was going to have to bake my own.

I’m not if I followed the recipe incorrectly but it was not as white as I was hoping. I was not impressed that’s when I mushed up the whole cake and turned them into cake pops….


…by adding cream cheese and almond flavouring to the cake crumbs.IMAG1182

They were very tasty but I didn’t have any lollipop sticks so instead I baked them into polka dot brownies by adding them to a basic chocolate sponge mix.


My mixture needed a little longer in the oven. About 15 mins extra.


blonde brownies polka dot brownies

I took them to work and they disappeared before lunch. Although if I were to try this again I’d roll the cake pops a little smaller to put into the mix.


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