Crunchy Nut Needs You

Did anyone else visit a Crunchy Nut Restaurant last summer?

crunchy nut

I did at Westfield in West London and it could possibly be the best restaurant experience I have ever had and I’ve just been to Heston’s restaurant at the Mandarin Oriental hotel. So when I received an email to vote for the Best Consumer campaign I had to oblige.

There was no reservation required and the table turnaround time was very quick so the wait was bearable. It was all very formal, we were shown to our seats by a very cheerful waiter and given a menu. It listed every type of crunchy nut cereal available and the drinks menu only had two choices… orange or apple juice. Nonetheless, I stil had difficulty choosing which one I wanted to try, they all sounded so delicious.

The best bit…. once the table was cleared, the bill came which contained only a coupon for more cereal. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, whatever time it may be.


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