Favourite Dukan Recipes

There’s a week left of January so there’s still time to ensure a good start to year ahead. When I’m trying to be good and eat well I attempt to cut out sugar and excess fat from my diet. That’s when I find sticking to Dukan recipes very helpful. Here are a few of my favourite high protein (PP stage) recipes.

1) Seafood egg white omelette

Egg white Omelette

Really quick and easy to make and substantial enough to really sink your teeth into. Shred about 4 seafood sticks and chop up a spring onion then place in a hot frying pan to colour. Then add enough egg white (I’ve only seen this carton of egg whites in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose) to make everything stick together, turn the heat down a bit and cook for a minute or two until mostly set. Flip and cook for a few more seconds and then it’s ready. I like to pack this up for lunch at work or eat it straight away for breakfast.

2) Roast Chicken

rotisserie chickenFor a quick treat I head down to the supermarket for rotisserie chicken. It’s great value as they’re only a little bit more expensive than a raw chicken but come hot and juicy. I recently came across a tonnato sauce into which I dip my chicken. It’s ideal for using up tinned tuna and the capers & anchovies hit my salty spot. You could try this chestnut and mushroom stuffing to go with it. Or if you do need to cook your chicken then you may want to try my mum’s curry.

3) Eggs en cocotte

eggs en cocotte

This is a recipe I watched on Rachel Khoo’s show but I’m sure there are many others out there. I use reduced fat creme fraiche and top with a seaweed thing from Ikea that kinda looks like caviar. I think I’ll try this recipe of hers to boost my veggie intake.

I always make sure that I have something to snack on because how ever hard I try my willpower will inevitably fail at some point. It’s better to have something I can cheat with that is still relatively healthy. There’s usually a pot of houmus and cucumber in the fridge or herring roll mops or I whip up smoked mackerel fillets with quark for an easy mackerel pate.

Don’t forget your veggies!! This is my favourite healthy fish and chips recipe.


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