Ladies Who Lunch Online

I think I have finally done it. I have found a place that is ‘worthy’ of London out here in Farnborough. Although it is a fancy hotel and that may be considered cheating as hotels always cater for smart business types. However I did notice a group of ladies-who-lunch stopping in for a bite so I’m counting it.

I arranged to have lunch at the Deli at the Aviator. It’s very cool as you can pre-order your food using the online order form and have it on your lap as soon as you sit down. Perfect when you need to fit lunch into a busy work schedule. Deli at Aviator by Tagdeli aviator tag bar breakfast pastry deli aviator eat at the bar deli aviator

The menu ranges from hot lunches to big sandwiches and most things are also available for take-away should you wish to eat at your desk instead. I was sticking to the Dukan diet as much as possible after my chocolate mug cake so I chose the steamed mussels without the cream. I love it when an order arrives exactly how you’ve asked for it!!

pan of steamed mussels mussels and cockles big pile of tiger bread

A big ol’ pile of tiger bread and a very clever lemonclever lemon

perfect biteful

It was the ideal spot to get away for an hour and catch up on the day’s TV news in between mouthfuls of delicious hot garlic-ky seafood. Luckily the news wasn’t heavy and focused more on the female singers at Obama’s second inauguration.

Aviator is a beautifully luxurious hotel in Farnborough. As it’s based in the UK capital of aeronautical-ness, convenient for the airport and as the name suggests, there is a theme….  things that fly. Even the building is shaped like a giant propellor. I usually judge a hotel by the ladies’ room. Not quite the four seasons but still fancy as they have thick paper towels in addition to hand dryers.

ladies room handwash aviator by tag hotel decore aviator hotel paper towels

All the food is sourced locally so I shall be back to try out the Brasserie and the Skybar looks amazing!foyer aviator foyer aviator by tag Aviator by tag architecture aviator by tag


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