Rocking My Winter Coat

Normally when I go clothes shopping it’s with my sister and will only buy something if she likes the item too. The only exception was when I had to replace my fur coat last winter after selling my previous one at my first car boot sale for the princely sum of £4. I was commuting across London in winter and desperately needed a cosy coat so I dragged a guy from work to the shops and relented to a male’s opinion.

It was my first time shopping with a man but that didn’t stop me looking at and trying on every single fur coat I saw. In the end I fell in love with a coat from warehouse and was about to buy it there and then. That’s when the level-headed man’s approach convinced me to wait till I could actually buy it in my size.

I’m glad I did as it fits so snugly when I most need it over this snowy period. And I didn’t lose a friend as he was still willing to come help me fix my car.

winter coatwinter coat 2


One thought on “Rocking My Winter Coat”

  1. You should do what other bloggers do and give details of your coat to purchase or find out where you can get a similar one just in case anyone wants to copy you!

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