Blogger Meetup & Pizza Cravings

Today I ventured out into the cold and onto the snowy pavements with my heels. I’m a practical person and although wearing heels is usually a daily occurence for me, it would be silly on a day like this. So what made me lose my usually stoic mindset… the london blogger meetup organised by the londoner.

At B Soho this afternoon, the place was crowded with the bright young things of the blogging world and half price pizzas. Most of the people I met were either in Journalism or PR or marketing which seems like a pre-requisite for posting online. Although I did meet Alessandro from Zomato and was this […] close to the luxury marionette.

I'm on the left almost photo bombing
I’m on the left almost photo bombing


Now I have no idea why but I did not utilise the full potential of this blogger meet and have a half price pizza! So late this evening I had a cheesy, pizza craving that just wouldn’t go away. I resorted to doing this.

ingredients for pizza
4 oz flour, 1 tbsp oil, 2-3 tbsp water to form a soft dough

dough ball

frying pan base

pizza toppings simple

in the frying pan uncooked pizza
plus a layer of tomato puree

under the grill pizza

It caught a little around the edges as I was making the pizza in the middle of watching a very girly movie. It still tasted delicious and I only missed one ad break!! caught around the edge pizza


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