Blast from the Past

You know how when you go to on holiday and you come across a building or a landmark from a film and you have to take your picture next to it. Let’s say you go to New York and you visit FAO Schwarz to play the giant piano from a certain film. Well I’m sure you’ll understand  that when I saw this thing at the weekend there was only one wish I could make. I wish I was Big.

I wish I was BigMadam Zasha

Unfortunately she didn’t grant wishes but told me my fortune.

I found her at the Milestones penny arcade.

old penny

picturehand readersooty concert

Milestones is a living history museum. Let me show you what I mean…

Milestones street sceneSaddelrycamera shopold cameras

I'll keep my straighteners thanks!
I’ll keep my straighteners thanks!

Cadbury chocolatesuper kreem toffeeold Boots chemist vanHMV out of businessold record shopthe other diamond jubilee

grocerspotato soup

ice deliverythe housewife's first choicesquare egg press

1960s toys1980s toysformed plasticelectric heater boatspeakers

I felt like I had got into my time machine and took a trip to the 1800s slowly moving to the 1980s. (I was initially aiming for The Vyne but it seems there are still a few bugs in my machinery as when I turned up it was closed.) Milestones is located in Basingstoke and shares a vast complex with a cinema, a water park, ice skating rink, ten pin bowling, indoor bowls, bingo and various fast food restaurants. Phew! Surely you’ll find something to do that’ll please everybody.


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