I'm not usually one for making New Year Resolutions as I'm a firm believer they can and should be made at any time of the year. However, now that there are no major eating sessions heading my way I'm aiming to get fit and look good getting there. To that end I find this amazing blog inspiring.

I don't normally gush on other blogs about how fabulous the author is but I can see why other people do it now. I love her and her abs. There are a number of great recipes on there which can be easily adapted if you're a fan of the Dukan diet. (That's my fail safe way of losing that little bit of holiday weight.) There's also a great recipe for dairy free ice cream that is made with frozen bananas instead.





I have this picture stuck to my fridge.

The hard work in between



2 thoughts on “Resolutions”

  1. There I was thinking you were going to have a go at me for having a picture of my stomach on here.

    That picture isn’t skinny!!! It’s fit and muscular and definitely not anorexic! But I suppose you don’t have much experience of either.

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