Following my morning in Chawton, I had to do something less girly than pride and prejudice in the afternoon which meant a quick drive over to Selborne. It struck as a lovely little village with an inproportionate amount of things to see and do.

My first stop was Gilbert White’s House and the Oates Collection. A house about three explorers of the Natural World.

First was Gilbert White, who was a naturalist and the first ever birdspotter with a beautiful garden.

Gilbert White's garden

The weather turned for the worse before I could get out and explore the greenery so had to settle for the stuffed animals.

dried bats

Now that isn’t very interesting but I was there more for the Oates collection which includes the story of Frank Oates, a 19th century explorer of Africa and the Americas. There’s an interesting little exhibit showing his notepad with a sketch of Victoria Falls.

More excitingly though, the collection also tells the story of Captain Oates, the explorer who undertook the journey to the South Pole with Captain Scott. A guy well known for his heroism. A great exhibit!

"I am just going outside and may be some time."
“I am just going outside and may be some time.”

I may be a tomboy but I had to have a cuppa in the tea parlour. My excuse was that I was waiting for the sky to clear and an opportunity to read a couple more pages of my latest reading book.

Cream Tea
Cream Tea

Arnie's biography

It was getting late and everything was closing so the other thing I managed to explore was the local newsagent. I didn’t get to see the gallery, the church or feast at one of the pubs and their good hearty food.



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