Brooklands Museum

Sunday was unexpectedly bright and clear so I put my hair up in a top-knot, got dressed and attempted to make the most of the winter sunshine. I drove over to Brooklands Museum near Weybridge, Surrey. It has everything to keep a little boy, and me, entertained for hours. Cars, bikes, planes, missiles and guns. As soon as you start walking around the museum you can smell the burnt rubber in the air drifting over from the Mercedes-Benz World section. I’m saving that World for another day but you can check out what they have here.

It was the world’s first purpose built race track, which opened in 1907 by wealthy land owner Hugh Locke King. During the 1920s and 1930s families would arrive with a picnic and sit on the banks of the circuit to enjoy a thoroughly British day of racing.

This bridge provided direct access to the best viewing point – Members’ Hill – but it’s only for, you’ve guessed it, members! I managed to get a closer look.

The track’s all time lap record holder.

A landspeed record holder – The Bluebird.

I thought these only came in black.

A racing coat made by Burberry.

An old Aston Martin badge.

Something Wallace and Gromit might have made.

Chequered flag girls.

Another previously exclusive part of the track was The Clubhouse.  It had a Billiard Room, Members’ Lounge and Tea Room exclusively for Brooklands Automobile Racing Club (BARC) members and their guests. Although anybody was allowed to join the BARC, few enthusiasts could afford to and, with its slogan “The Right Crowd and No Crowding” you had to wear your pass at all times. It also catered for the lady members.

The  Ladies Reading Room

A quick visit to the Sunbeam cafe to warm up before heading out to the planes. A hot chocolate and a scone with cream and jam as a little treat did the trick. I also saw these cute plane and car shaped biscuits.

The Planes

Normally when I get on a plane of this size I expect to fly. However, this plane belonged to the Sultan of Oman.

The Little Sultan’s Room

Where the rest of us sit…


Mach 2 = 1,350 mph!

I could go on as there was so much to see.


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