I love Tesco

People that know me know I love Tesco but I have reached a whole new level of adoration. The nearest Tesco to me other than a Tesco Express is huge and you really have no need to go anywhere else. In fact it is the biggest store in the UK.

In addition to the usual groceries and store cupboard ingredients this Tesco has a great beauty department which stocks Le Couvent des Minimes. I’ve only ever seen in L’Occitane but they do a great Honey and Shea Butter range that’s makes me want to turn cannibal and eat myself. They even do the collectable Steam Cream range and have a Barbara Daly make-up counter. Have to say it did appear to be only tweens that turn up to get their make up done. WIth a beauty range like this, I’d love to have it as my local in London.

Here’s the amazing bit. They have a Leo Bancroft Blowdry bar. Where else can you get a pint of milk, a hot chicken straight off the rotisserie and a blowdry!!!

Although I’m not sure how comfortable I am getting my hair washed in the middle of a supermarket.


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