Friday Fright Night

Paranormal Activity 4 came out at the cinemas this week and I wanted to watch it as I thought the first one was really quite scary. After discussing this with a friend he recommended Sinister to me (another horror film) instead of Paranormal Activity. As I headed to the cinema I couldn’t decide which of the two I should watch. After a long week I didn’t have the strength to make another improtant decision so ended up watching them both. Back to Back. Eeeep!!!

I bought myself a Medium coke and settled down to an early Halloween. I noticed that I went to the loos twice in a short space of time and I’m still wondering if it was the coke or whether I was really, really scared. A few jumps and gasps later (and a lot of screaming and swearing from the other viewers) I was still smiling although a little reluctant to leave my seat. I did eventually get to my car and certainly didn’t make the fatal mistake of wandering around trying to work out where the various strange noises were coming from as I figured that’s when they get you. The only time I felt like running for my life was when I had parked up outside my flat and got out into the dark, quiet car park. I must admit I did start talking to myself to give me a little courage as I walked back to the flat and was glad to see that my flatmate was at home with the lights on watching Scarface.

I wasn’t quite ready to go to bed so sat down “with my little friend” to watch the movie before going to sleep.


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