The local pub

Last night I went to the local pub with a local friend to see what the locals are like. It was very quiet in there on a Sunday night which made it even more the cosier.

My night out reminded me that I had forgotten to tell you all about the time I went to the other local pub all on my tod. Now I wouldn’t normally recommend a female going to a pub all her own in a strange land but I’m glad I did it. Luckily the pub had a ‘King of the Castle’ Eat-athon. Three 8oz burgers, 1 kg of chips, 2 portions of coleslaw with half a block of cheese spread over it similar to a Man vs Food challenge. It was an easy way to start a conversation. Much better than ‘Come here often?’ I worked out that most people would struggle with the chips although that would be my favourite part.

Everyone was very friendly and welcomed me to the area. I shall be returning when I’m starvingly hungry so that I can get my name up on the winner’s board and a free t-shirt.


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