Car Maintenance

It is officially Autumn.

The night’s are drawing in, the fire’s roaring and it’ll soon be time to turn the clocks back. Now if I was in London I would do a post about what to wear this season but I’m sure you’ve seen the dogtooth, tweed and khaki in stores already.

Instead out here in the country it’s more important to keep your car running. There are no big red buses and bus stops on every corner or the warm underground tube service or black taxi ranks. You do not want to be reliant on public transport, or worse, walking home in the dreary weather. Here are my little tips to make sure things are running smoothly. I’m no expert so if I can do these, I’m sure anyone can.

Check your tyre pressures, oil level, windscreen washers and water level and your lights.

Tyre pressures are usually written on the actual tyres so there’s no excuse for not knowing what they should be. Otherwise you may want to consult this website . Make sure you have a 20p piece and head on down to the local petrol station to pump up the tyres. Luckily I did as that’s when I noticed that I had two dust caps missing. This meant a trip to Halfords thankfully it’s right next door to Topshop.

I also checked under the bonnet for the windscreen washer water, engine coolant water and oil level. Pop the hood and basically look at any funny shaped bottles with a min and max line on them. No explanation needed on where the fluid level should be! This is all best done when the car is cold and hasn’t just been on a drive. You should also check to see that the windscreen washers aren’t blocked. Hopefully I at least looked like I knew what I was doing.

If anything changes drastically from week to week it could be a sign that there is something more seriously wrong with the car and you may need to take it down to a garage. However, I still get my brother to take my car down there as mechanics are not the most impartial of people.


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