The Big Feast

After catching up on my favourite cookery shows tonight I had an urge to follow suit and get behind the stove. After a quick re-stock at Tesco I decided to try out Nigella’s Sambuca kisses to use up some leftover ricotta and Rachel Khoo’s potato nests since I had a large potato festering in my cupboard. I found the recipes online and made a few changes necessary for my dietary requirements.

Nigella’s Sambuca kisses

These shouldn’t really be called sambuca kisses as, in place of the alcohol, I used hazelnut syrup. I bought this from Costa Coffee along with 4 others that came in the pack.

This recipe really was simple and rewarding if you like a bit of deep frying. My problem is I never know what to do with the oil afterwards.

Rachel Khoo’s Potato Nests

For this recipe I had to find a substitute for bacon lardons so instead I used hot dog sausages cut up into little chunks. I also substituted the reblochon cheese with a sprinkling of parmesan just because it’s easier to find. Although Miss Khoo suggests swapping Reblochon for Brie or Camembert.

The finished product…. great for lunchboxes with a spinach salad.

A quick wash of the muffin tray and the remaining sausage chunks, I concluded my night of cooking with mini toad in the holes. Also great for lunch… and also for breakfast with a little squirt of ketchup! (Eeep!)


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