Sunday Baking

After spending all my money on my purchase I went to hide out at my London home where my sister was making snickerdoodle cupcakes for a bake sale. These are delicious peanut and snicker flavoured cupcakes topped with chocolate a slice of a snickers bar. There were a couple of them that weren’t quite up to bake sale material but I told my sister not to worry and that she wouldn’t need to see them again. That’s when I quickly packed them up in tupperware ready to take back with me.

This got me thinking and since I was already in the right direction I headed a little further north to Essex. Freeport, Braintree to be exact to the Whittard of Chelsea outlet store (ike I said I was strapped for cash). This is what I was after to enjoy with the delicious snicker cupcakes.

But with this design

But they had all sold out so my Sunday evening treat looked like this

I also managed to steal a few of my sister’s magazines while I was home


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