Local Cuisine

Usually whenever I go away, either abroad or in the UK, I always try to taste the local dish. In Italy, I had plenty of pizza and pasta, in Germany, I had Spatzle with a side of sauerkraut, in Portugal, I enjoyed the fresh sardines and piri piri sauce and in New York, I scoffed a few too many hot dogs. Here in Farnborough I’m starting to think the local cuisine is Nepalese!

Being so close to Aldershot and Sandhurst and most of the other old Army towns, it seems the Gurkha brigade has led to a spawning of Nepalese restaurants in the area. Last night was my first time tasting the delicacies of the Gurkha Palace. They claim to be the best Nepalese restaurant in the UK so was very excited to be invited to go there for a celebratory birthday meal for a girl from the gym.

I didn’t even bother looking at the menu and just asked the waiter for the most Nepalese thing on the menu and make it spicy. Spicy, it was. Very! I wasn’t quite sure what the name was for what I was eating but it was definitely chicken and definitely tasty. I also managed to try everyone else’s dinner. I love that sort of tear and share meal although I still feel that I’ve missed out on the authentic flavour as I later learned that there was a lot of cottage cheese on the menu which I didn’t get to try.

I’m not entirely sure if cottage cheese is authentic Nepalese but I will be going back for it. Who wants to join me?


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