Floating on the River

Entertaining a friend can be tough but it’s made a little easier when the weather turns out perfect for a canoe for two.

However, before the fun started, it was the weekend and hence my only opportunity to pick up my dry cleaning. You may remember that the dry cleaners are next door to the bakery so while I popped in to pick up my dress, he went to pick up a sausage roll. He obviously didn’t get enough of the ricotta hotcakes.

We arrived at John Cale Canal Cruises to pick our battleship of choice. Both of us being Londoners, we have of course been pedalo-ing on the Serpentine and row-boating in Regent’s Park so we used this opportunity to try out a canoe. My plan was working my oar was safe and dry. 

Lovely sunshine with intermittent gunshots

We stopped off for a sausage roll break

Then carried on past the geese

We even managed to go blackberry picking along the river bank

We kept rowing until we finally answered the gunshot question. As soon as we saw the military shooting range we headed back for a drink and the sunset at a pub we saw along the banks of the canal.

Back at home we took inspiration from the film we watched in the morning and made nachos covered in cheese, microwaved and then dipped in last night’s dinner’s leftovers.


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