A little help from my friends

Another weekend and another friend. The perfect opportunity for a feast. After a quick pick-up from the train station we headed to our favourite shop, Tesco where we picked up all the ingredients for a great night in.

As it was a Friday we decided on a fish supper. We divvied up the contents of a delicious fish taco and set to work.

I got the guacamole. A quick mash of ripe avocados, garlic, chilli, onion, a few chopped tomatoes and of course a little salt and pepper.

My friend got the tomato salsa. Look at the concentration on his face.

While he cut up the tomatoes into very small pieces I knocked up a very quick sauce to cool down all the chilli except I did put a good glug of hot sauce in it along with the mayonnaise and creme fraiche.

Finally the main star of the show; the coriander and lime coated fish marinading

before sizzling away on the George Foreman grill (or you could use a simple frying pan.

Once everything was cooked we sat in front of the TV and watched film after film. We took a quick break, literally 10 mins, to whip up some slutty brownies. Perfect with PG tips, a glass of milk or ice cream.


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