Reconnaissance 2

AKA weekend number 2

0900 – Parkrun

Nothing like 5k run through the park start your day. Parkrun is a free service available all over the world that times your runs whatever your ability. The one I chose to go to, catch up in the cafe after the run with cake and drinks so it’s also a good way to meet other like-minded people.

10pm – Chores

After a much needed shower, I headed into town to the dry cleaners. Having checked out all the dry cleaners last weekend I decided that this particular one was best suited to my needs as it was coveniently located next door to the bakery. The smell of freshly baked bread made me realise I hadn’t had breakfast so I popped in. I was greeted by piles of loaves and sweet treats and luckily my self-control held out and only grabbed a deliciously warm croissant for my walk over to the library.

11am – Firefighting

No, not me but the firefighters who took a break from their day jobs and washed my car. I would have better photos but a friend called just as they started washing.I had to take the call as I was trying to convince him to visit me on his birthday. The prospect of his favourite dessert on a cupcake worked!

12pm – Mad dogs

It was even hotter now than this morning and my car does not have air-conditioning but that wasn’t going to stop me shopping. Plus now that I cornered myself into baking cakes there were a few ‘utensils’ that I needed to buy… like this blowtorch!

3pm – Hunger strikes

5pm – Farnham castle

My car freshly washed and glistening in the sun


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